How Native Hawaiians fought the US Navy, and won

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The reclaiming of a sacred island.

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On January 4, 1976, a fleet of boats headed toward the Hawaiian island of Kaho‘olawe. The goal: take the island back from the US military for the Hawaiian people.

Since World War II, the US military had used the island for bombing practice and decimated its land. But the story of the taking of this one island was part of a bigger history of the taking of all of Hawaii. The decades-long efforts to reclaim it would help spark a movement to renew the culture and traditions of the islands - and a push for Hawaiian sovereignty.

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Saksham Jain
Saksham Jain दिन पहले
If johnny harris did it it would have been far much better
Chrystal Bess Redding
Chrystal Bess Redding दिन पहले
This is horrible and inhumane! The American Govt and the Army has gone against the Japanese, the Chinese, African natives, Hispanic natives, Native American populations and Hawaiian natives. What is their [Gov't & Army] problem that they can't leave things as they are? Destroying lives, killing women and children, bringing diseases into the Native's land (before it was a colony), going after pieces of land that's not theirs, and to turn such a beautiful soulful island into a bombing practice area, really? Let's not forget slavery. Really? Really guys? What did these people ever do the US Gov't to deserve this? 😡 ⛰ 🌅🌅
Chrystal Bess Redding
Chrystal Bess Redding दिन पहले
Sorry almost forgot - Iranian and Iraqi natives too. I have friends who are Iranian and Indian and they are smart, kind, respectful, funny and hardworking. Not everyone is mean you know?
Randy Ocasio
Randy Ocasio 3 दिन पहले
This reminds me so much of what Puerto Ricans did in Viequez. Normal poor everyday people standing up to a superpower in defence of their land and people.
Greg Collins
Greg Collins 4 दिन पहले
How do explain King Kamehameha "illegally" conquering the other Hawaiian islands? (The Battle of Nuʻuanu (Hawaiian: Kalelekaʻanae; literally the leaping mullet), fought in May 1795) Yes, the national powers back then exerted their interests over native peoples world-wide. But virtually all these victim aboriginal peoples were just as violent, with battles against their neighbors going back for ages. Its just the way all societies were back then. It wasn't until the productivity that came with the industrial revolution that the need for slavery was eliminated and allowed for peace and prosperity - however we still have a ways to go.... Bless the Hawaiians and their "aloha" spirit - may it prevail!
Pavle Perišić-Spasić
Pavle Perišić-Spasić 14 दिन पहले
shaggybreeks 15 दिन पहले
OMG, the uninformed, misinforming the ignorant. It goes on and on...
SeriviusTide 17 दिन पहले
Hawaiian Independence sounds really good, but they really need support from the USA mainland to avoid large amounts of problems. Its a shame they were annexed to be honest. But it may have been worse if they were not. Only time could tell.
Muhammad Irfan Islami
Muhammad Irfan Islami 18 दिन पहले
Hawaian natives are so similiar with Indonesians
Ronak Parikh
Ronak Parikh 18 दिन पहले
They only "won" after the navy finished blowing up the whole place and were basically done with it. I guarantee you if a world war 3 breaks out they will declare martial law and use it again and all this will go out the window. It's sad but let's not kid ourselves here
tombobman10 19 दिन पहले
Hawaii : how the natives beet america reconstruction : how the Confederates beet america
Sanphilson Ezra
Sanphilson Ezra 22 दिन पहले
Yall don't forget the Marshall Islands of Micronesia. Such a travesty that we Pacific Islanders were guiled to assimilate different cultures and eradicate all that we know of our own unique cultures and social structures.
AJIB MEMES 23 दिन पहले
(Native Exist) US : "Would be bad if we *BLOW. EM. UP.* "
FreexiPXP Beatz
FreexiPXP Beatz 20 दिन पहले
Been realizing something for a while. What have white people not ruined? America was ruined by uk, Polynesian islands ruined by uk and the us, etc
calla cheung
calla cheung 24 दिन पहले
finally someone said the island right
Haunani Pao
Haunani Pao 25 दिन पहले
@vox Mahalo Kakou for putting in the time to tell this story with knowledge and respect to the Kanaka Maoli and the need to love the land and reclaim the parts of the soul. I really appreciate how you told this story.
SolonSaturn Gaming
SolonSaturn Gaming 26 दिन पहले
They won till they didn’t, rip
Jeff Petrie
Jeff Petrie 26 दिन पहले
Missionaries were and still are a scourge. So are most rich people.
Keoni DSantos
Keoni DSantos 26 दिन पहले
You guys teach the people more than kamehameha schools does… that’s the saddest part. Mahalo for sharing our story and helping shed light on the problems going on in Hawaii…
Axcellent Walukow
Axcellent Walukow 28 दिन पहले
No offence but, jeez. I thought "kamehameha" was japanese invention word
Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe महीने पहले
Murica the so called "hero" of WWII who in reality is the Darth Vader in Galatic Empire.
Oscar Covarrubias
Oscar Covarrubias महीने पहले
Que bonito es vox
Lemuel Deinla
Lemuel Deinla महीने पहले
What amazes me is that Polynesians were able to find the Hawai'i archipelago with their rudimentary navigation techniques 1,000 years ago while the Spaniards who sailed the Pacific for 250 years through the Manila Galleon trade never found Hawai'i. Spaniards tried in vain to search for a station where the galleons and its crews could rest in the middle of a dangerous voyage to Mexico. Hawai'ians rock!
Timothy Odeyale
Timothy Odeyale महीने पहले
These kinds of things are why i loathe america
Christy Chovalloor
Christy Chovalloor महीने पहले
0:24 give this woman a Spellling bee award
Christy Chovalloor
Christy Chovalloor महीने पहले
Vox: Fromt the island of Maui Me: (singing) You're Welcome..............................
Shaun Zaarrae
Shaun Zaarrae महीने पहले
See what the French President said today about this very same divisive narrative y’all are pushing here?
Pawsry The Wolf
Pawsry The Wolf महीने पहले
When you just realize that Hawaii's monarch's name was used as a blast attack spell in a cartoon TV show.
Charles महीने पहले
Very western focused people ...educate yourself on the rest of the world and the evils of all of humanity
Charles महीने पहले
Tunoi Veil
Tunoi Veil महीने पहले
Because of this great victory we have now the United States of Hawaii, wait a minute...
N L महीने पहले
Mr "Kamehameha" must have come across Goku before...
Some guy with a Mosin.
Some guy with a Mosin. महीने पहले
It's like I distinctively remember something about Bikini Island, Nuke testing and Radioactive monster.
romel'o ellis
romel'o ellis महीने पहले
The fact that celestial navigation is a thing reinforces that everything in the universe is connected. Humans are literally using stars to get home that are millions of light-years away which some of them have planets revolving around them with living beings dealing with their own problems.
KendrixTermina महीने पहले
they actually put trees on it again! amazing
Bob Mwangi
Bob Mwangi महीने पहले
LOVE this video. The animation, the subject matter, all of it. The work you do as Vox is so important. May it always be appreciated.
𝓨𝓖 𝓟𝓾𝓹𝓹𝔂 𝓓𝓸𝓰𝓰𝓰
𝓨𝓖 𝓟𝓾𝓹𝓹𝔂 𝓓𝓸𝓰𝓰𝓰 महीने पहले
Iñigo Sible
Iñigo Sible महीने पहले
It's like almost every Vox video includes the white people and the mistakes they have made...
Hologram Dream
Hologram Dream महीने पहले
Same thing happened in the island of Puerto Rico, when the US used it to practice bombing. Now Vieques is no longer a bombing site.
Yuda Fran21
Yuda Fran21 महीने पहले
Why you not use Alaska Island to Bomb
Martín B.
Martín B. 27 दिन पहले
@Yuda Fran21 Ah, well that does seem like a good idea.
Yuda Fran21
Yuda Fran21 27 दिन पहले
@Martín B. Sorry, I mean Not Alaska Mainland (North America Land) But Some Alaska Island You know alaska have more 10 Thousand Island and the Island is Isolated (No Human)
Martín B.
Martín B. 27 दिन पहले
I'm not justifying the bombing of the Hawai'ian archipelago, but Alaska isn't an island
Yuda Fran21
Yuda Fran21 महीने पहले
So sad because now Native Hawaiian less then 20% Population :'( I hope many Hawaiian can speak hawaiian Languages I don't Care if you Native, White, black or Asian If you LIVE IN HAWAII === HAWAIIAN So, You Must PRESERVE the Hawaiian language and Hawaiian culture !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chase B
Chase B महीने पहले
I spit on the people at Vox
big johnson
big johnson महीने पहले
Every piece of land is sacred to the natives or has a spiritual meaning. Land is just land.
pyramid pyramid
pyramid pyramid महीने पहले
All the original black Hawaiians had been exterminated way before this
nhan Nguyen
nhan Nguyen महीने पहले
The US is almost as bad as China in their land. And a far more worst war criminal!
john d. Rutherford
john d. Rutherford महीने पहले
@nhan Nguyeni wouldn't say as were bad but not that bad
nhan Nguyen
nhan Nguyen महीने पहले
@john d. Rutherford Okey. So China is as bad as the US. The media should cover both their criminal act. Geez!
john d. Rutherford
john d. Rutherford महीने पहले
@nhan Nguyenover 70 massacres i just listed
john d. Rutherford
john d. Rutherford महीने पहले
@nhan Nguyen1989, 4 June Tiananmen Square, Beijing 200-10,000[56][57] Between 200 and 10,000 civilians were killed. The Red Cross states that around 2,600 died and the official Chinese government figure is 241 dead with 7,000 wounded.[58][59] Amnesty International's estimates puts the number of deaths at several hundred to close to 1,000.[60] As many as 10,000 estimated people were arrested during the protests.[61] Thousand Island Lake robbery killings 1994, 31 March Zhejiang Province 32 24 Taiwanese tourists, 6 crew members, and 2 mainland Chinese passengers on board the "Hai Rui" sightseeing cruise were robbed and murdered. The incident cast a shadow over cross-strait relations.[62] Ghulja Incident 1997, 5 February Ghulja, Xinjiang 9 Demonstrations in Ghulja were violently put down by police after two days of protesting. Official reports put the death toll at 9.[63] Long wins round robbery 1998 November 15 Shanwei 23 Guangdong Province, Shanwei City, the territory of an armed robbery case, the Hong Kong shipping company "Changsheng" million tons of cargo ship on which 23 Chinese expatriate crew were all killed and their corpses dumped into the sea.[64]
john d. Rutherford
john d. Rutherford महीने पहले
@nhan NguyenRed August August - September 1966 Beijing 1,772[40] Origin of the Red Terror in Chinese Cultural Revolution, triggering "Daxing Massacre" which killed 325 people in a few days. Statistics from 1985 showed a death toll of over 10,000 due to the Red August.[41] Guangxi Massacre 1966-1976 Guangxi 100,000 - 150,000[42][43] Massive cannibalism occurred.[42][43] Inner Mongolia incident 1967-1969 Inner Mongolia 16,632 - 100,000[39] Mostly Mongols. Qinghai Massacre February 1967 Qinghai 173[39] Conducted by People's Liberation Army.[39][44] Guangzhou Laogai Fan Incident August 1967 Guangzhou, Guangdong 187-197[45][46] Part of the Guangdong Massacre. Caused by the rumor that Laogaifan (prisoners of Laogai) were released. Local citizens began massive killings as self-defense.[45][46] Anti-Peng Pai Incident August 1967 Shanwei, Guangdong >160[47] Targeted the relatives of Peng Pai. Qingtongxia Incident August 1967 Qingtongxia, Ningxia 101[39][48] Conducted by People's Liberation Army.[39][48] Yangjiang Massacre 1967-1969 Yangjiang, Guangdong 3,573[39][49] Part of the Guangdong Massacre. Mainly in Yangjiang and Yangchun.[39][49] Daoxian massacre August - October 1967 Daoxian, Hunan 9,093[50] Took place in more than 10 counties, mainly in Dao County. Shaoyang County Massacre July - September 1968 Shaoyang, Hunan 991[39][51] Influenced by Daoxian Massacre. Dan County Massacre August 1968 Danzhou, Hainan >700[39][52] Part of the Guangdong Massacre. Over 50 thousand people were jailed and thousands were permanently disabled. Conducted by People's Liberation Army and local militias.[39][52] Ruijin Massacre September -October 1968 Ruijin, Jiangxi >1000[39][53] Took place in Ruijin County, Xingguo County, and Yudu County.[39][53] Zhao Jianmin Spy Case 1968-1969 Yunnan 17,000[39] Over 1.3 million people persecuted. Shadian Incident July - August 1975 Yunnan 1,600[54]
Chris Ongoing
Chris Ongoing महीने पहले
You can see here what American Greed really is.
The Reaper Samurai
The Reaper Samurai महीने पहले
3:42 of course your gonna classify those businessmen as White so you can get everyone to hats White people as much as possibly
RimaNari महीने पहले
As an astronomer, the last scene with the telescopes in the background hit close to home... maybe we should seriously re-consider what we're doing there.
Vijaya's Fitness Mantra
Vijaya's Fitness Mantra महीने पहले
Give back Hawaii to it's people Hawaii is not US
Vijaya's Fitness Mantra
Vijaya's Fitness Mantra महीने पहले
British were the first who invaded the hawaii
Vladiatör Amöndinejad
Vladiatör Amöndinejad महीने पहले
Imagine trying to tell most Americans that Hawaii use to be its own sovereign nation...
Vladiatör Amöndinejad
Vladiatör Amöndinejad महीने पहले
@Sagar Tomar Correct, kingdom.
Sagar Tomar
Sagar Tomar महीने पहले
Not nation a Kingdom
geekdiggy महीने पहले
HUUUUUUUGE props to this lady for correctly pronouncing every hawaiian word in this video. a lot of people who aren't from hawaii are intimidated by the consecutive vowels and the 'okina (the apostrophe separating certain vowels in hawaiian words, such as Kaho'olawe) and either bungle it or don't even try. but this presenter went at it and nailed it. BRAVO!
What Ever
What Ever महीने पहले
How can you love a country, when the country was founded on hatred, racism and genocide?
Warung Imajinasi
Warung Imajinasi महीने पहले
Naveah Queen
Naveah Queen महीने पहले
I’m from Hawaii and it annoys me how they don’t tell the actual history of the annexation of our islands
Oof Bruh
Oof Bruh महीने पहले
I learned something new today
Ladean Simpkins
Ladean Simpkins महीने पहले
I hope all my polynesian brothers and sisters reclaim our mana as one. Hawaiki will always thrive in our hearts, time to let it thrive in our lands.
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown महीने पहले
This video was very good, I cried a tiny bit. They don't teach this in school dawg
Paradiche महीने पहले
Hawaii and us was like an episode of south park
noahishere महीने पहले
I’m going to the high school George Helm graduated from..
Rongeet Banerjee
Rongeet Banerjee महीने पहले
Denzil Jr Wright
Denzil Jr Wright महीने पहले
Stealing the island from the natives and then claiming "it's an experience"... if the smiles and happiness are only on one side, then it's not mutually beneficial! Law is not for exploitation or subjugation!
Aleaha Kate
Aleaha Kate महीने पहले
The secretive text secondarily work because blowgun hemperly tie out a greedy sun. purring, lively soldier
Ƶҽɳσ महीने पहले
I want to be named kamehameha
IllegalToast महीने पहले
You mean people with spears fought people with machine guns and artillery
livamilAVA महीने पहले
Power to Hawai’i!!!!
VitalzSZN महीने पहले
Going to see if i can get my teacher to show us Vox Videos in her class when school starts up i find it more interesting and grabs my attention and should for others
Yousef Shahin
Yousef Shahin महीने पहले
This is just a tiny example of the US doing bad things to the native people of whatever territory this is. Btw I am Egyptian, so you understand why I hate the US
Vijaya's Fitness Mantra
Vijaya's Fitness Mantra महीने पहले
It all started from the British
Chris R
Chris R महीने पहले
Love this content. It’s important to put these things out there for people to know and understand. Can we get one of these types of videos on Puerto Rico? I’d love that.
Jasper De Castro
Jasper De Castro महीने पहले
And the Americans also did have atrocities against the Philippines by Annexation (Which is possible that may or may not including in the American Education yet the Philippine Education Are(in a Extent), possible other Nations too). And one possible that they have 'Colonized' the Poly/Micronesian islands because of the need of the Fertilizer and Bird Poop on those islands. Which from what I recalled that the US people addressed that they are Agree to Annex the Philippines and the other nations too that are in the treaty of Paris. After only some years that the American People (either left or right) that it's time to stop like the picture of the Vietnam of Annexing the Philippines. and altogether creating the Commonwealth of the Philippines (Please correct me until to this point that this is on the Personal understanding of the topic. ( Still a student that is learning from the past )
Winston Williams
Winston Williams महीने पहले
some of them Look black!! Go figure
t e a
t e a महीने पहले
soooo inspiring! thank you native hawaiians for your bravery and persistence, i hope my country and others with similar issues will get to restore our lands as well ❤️
F Q महीने पहले
The US should sanction the US for the Hawaiians cultural genocide
john d. Rutherford
john d. Rutherford महीने पहले
Lol sanction the us for something that happened over 100 years ago
546-Apoorva Ranjan
546-Apoorva Ranjan महीने पहले
I feel like crying right now
Henderson महीने पहले
Watching this brought both tears of sadness and hope. Tears of sadness seeing the history of my people that I know all too well. But tears of joy seeing the revival of our cultural heritage.
RyuZu _
RyuZu _ महीने पहले
over a thounsand years, we lived in harmony. everything change when America and Europe people come.
john d. Rutherford
john d. Rutherford 27 दिन पहले
@Martín B.1885 The first Japanese immigrants arrived in Hawaii in 1885. On February 8, 1885, about 900 Japanese immigrants arrived in Hawaii.
Martín B.
Martín B. 27 दिन पहले
@john d. Rutherford when did the chinese, indians and japanese go to Hawaii?
john d. Rutherford
john d. Rutherford महीने पहले
Forgot china japan all of them countries india
K. Floyd
K. Floyd महीने पहले
What would our world be without White colonization?
joe skys
joe skys महीने पहले
I'm glad that the Hawaiians were able to take back their island with out violence. Only one of their freedom fighter's was killed what a amazing victory, and I pray that his soul rest in peace.
M Good6591
M Good6591 महीने पहले
Brought to you by the real "evil empire".
Jinyuan LI
Jinyuan LI 2 महीने पहले
jacky mai
jacky mai 2 महीने पहले
The therapeutic condition expectably part because armadillo neuroanatomically kick off a steady dashboard. placid, high-pitched lift
Chris Phee
Chris Phee 2 महीने पहले
To the people who still question why the kanaka occupy Mauna Kea, this is the reason why. Its not anti science, its the preservation of what littles left of their culture that was taken from them by the committee of safety all those years ago.
yoara 2 महीने पहले
i hope a lot of people watch this & educate themselves on the Hawai’ian struggle / fight for liberation
Kestra 2 महीने पहले
2:28 IS This where dragon ball z got inspiration from
Ikan Enteprises Sdn Bhd
Ikan Enteprises Sdn Bhd 2 महीने पहले
Bet nobody expected Kamehameha I
Hassan Marwan
Hassan Marwan 2 महीने पहले
"America" ladies n gentleman, the true devils of this world
Memilk 2 महीने पहले
All this channel does is cry about racism in the most annoying way possible it's in how they speak how they over-exaggerated and lie about stuff like in this title
Reclusive Eagle
Reclusive Eagle 2 महीने पहले
How ironic that the way to beat the most powerful military in the world is with bureaucracy
john d. Rutherford
john d. Rutherford महीने पहले
Is hawaii still a Kingdom exactly
Omar Rodarte
Omar Rodarte 2 महीने पहले
Excelente documental! Felicidades
Tessai Urahara shop
Tessai Urahara shop 2 महीने पहले
Who watched dragon ball anime? I noticed that the monarch “kamehameha 1” is used to name the power of goku. And it’s on hawai master roshi lived on a remote iand
uloolu 2 महीने पहले
Free Hawaii!
David Leung
David Leung 2 महीने पहले
The annoying distribution ultrastructually occur because security seemingly release from a awful step-grandmother. aspiring, wistful vacation
Iraqiboi999 2 महीने पहले
Wait is Hawaiian Punch from Hawaii just asking.
Meghan M.
Meghan M. 2 महीने पहले
The US really hurt the native peoples - Hawaiians and Native Americans. We need to fight back.
Ej Kinsella
Ej Kinsella महीने पहले
Every. Single. Bit. Of. Land has been fought over and is constantly disputed
Cake Yummy
Cake Yummy महीने पहले
@1k sub pls none of the native Americans are running for office
Cake Yummy
Cake Yummy महीने पहले
@NVO BEATS Russia also conquered all of Siberia and killed all the natives
Darth Vader
Darth Vader महीने पहले
Who created modern tech? The whites. If they didn’t colonize, you wouldn’t be typing this, fucko.
1k sub pls
1k sub pls महीने पहले
@NVO BEATS but its sad that natives arent in control in any of these states, none!all white peoplw!
Avantae White
Avantae White 2 महीने पहले
they basically did what they did too the native americans
Kaden Ling
Kaden Ling 2 महीने पहले
is this "freedom,justice,liberty?"
Jin Wong
Jin Wong 2 महीने पहले
why do all of these videos make the US military out to be some evil overpowered force killing brown people and stealing resources?
I just Disagree
I just Disagree 2 महीने पहले
maybe because they are
Comedic Noob
Comedic Noob 2 महीने पहले
They don't seem wrong about that
drekkerscythe 2 महीने पहले
4:42 "The Spanish-American M O C K war broke out"
drekkerscythe 2 महीने पहले
2:31 kamehameha
God 2 महीने पहले
Christianity ruins everything I swear
Comedic Noob
Comedic Noob 2 महीने पहले
Mampoetsi Nkosi
Mampoetsi Nkosi 2 महीने पहले
DarkPope666 2 महीने पहले
Lol, they won the battle but lost the war.
Comedic Noob
Comedic Noob 2 महीने पहले
What war?
Katie Cox
Katie Cox 2 महीने पहले
Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story. Every American should be educated on Hawaiian history and the illegal annexation of the nation
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